Grandparent 2012 Photobooks

January 27, 2013

Now that I'm caught up on posting pictures I finally got the photobooks for the Grandparents made & ordered this weekend! I asked them to choose which pictures to include (to save me some time) and then I created the books with a little bit of guidance. I like how they turned out!  I've also started working on Abby's 2nd year book, I've got April - June done which is a pretty good start!  It feels so nice to be caught up so that I can just "maintain" now.  Also I'm hoping to start finally reading my photography and editing books as well. I attended a class last weekend on photography and already have been implementing some tricks I learned in that class to improve my pictures. Hopefully over the year we'll see a marked improvement in my pictures....hopefully!

Grammie & Grampie C's Book:

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Grandma & Grandpa R's Book:

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