Catching Up

November 24, 2012

This will be a short entry. I've been working feverishly to get caught up on the pictures....and as of today I have completed through Abby's 18 month session! That means that I was able to get 3 months of pictures done this month and there is hope that I'll reach my goal is to be caught up by Christmas, so that I can then (hopefully) edit pictures on a weekly basis to stay current. After I get caught up I'm really hoping I can start reading more about photography and editing and start honing my skills. Probably perfect timing for Abby to stop being a cooperative subject, but we'll see.

We had two great Thanksgiving celebrations. Abby decorated her first sugar-cookie house and did a really great job with that (pictures to come!) And she had a blast playing all day with her cousins during our second celebration - so much so that she skipped her nap (and proceeded to sleep over 13 hours that night).  The Christmas tree is up (a craigslist steal, yeah!) and tomorrow we are going to try and not only decorate for Christmas, but also hang some shelves we've had for 7 or 8 years (never out of the package and whoops - even though the box says black, they are actually white) and also some pictures. After almost 6 months in the house we still don't have anything on the wall, but hopefully that will change tomorrow.  

Here's a picture of Abby from 2 months ago (hey, that's not too out of date!)....showing how neat she can be when eating her yogurt: