Disneyland 2015

Alice & the Mad Hatter

November 15, 2015
Meeting Alice in Wonderland & the Mad Hatter

Mary Poppins & Bert

November 15, 2015
Meeting Mary Poppins & Bert. Abby also sang her version of their song "Supercalifragilistic-makes-me-happy-docious"

First Rides

November 15, 2015
First Rides - Astro-Orbitor and Buzz LightYear Astro Blasters

Road Trip Shananigans

December 14, 2015
Abby watching DVDs, Christmas Tree at the outlets, Luke wanting to drive once at the hotel, Luke FINALLY asleep once we returned to the hotel from the grocery store.

Pea Soup Andersen's

December 14, 2015
Abby & Luke's first visit to Pea Soup Andersen's in Santa Nella

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