Abby Art

2017 Thanksgiving Art

November 23, 2017
the differences in their personality is very clear in what they are thankful for!
Abby 2017: I am thankful for my cousins and Luke
Abby 2014: I am thankful for my whole family...drawing pictures...painting pictures...I paint with water color at home....sleeping in my own bedroom
Luke 2017: I am thankful for going down slides and eating animal crackers, Charlie, Sam (I play with them), my family too

Thankful Homework

November 11, 2017
I am thankful for sports. I am thankful for the eart. I am thankful for my family. I am thankful for sports because they make me laugh.  I am thankful for the eart because we live in it.  I am thankful for my family vecause we can play together. I laugh during sports because they are fun! I am thankful for a LOT of things.

Never Look Like This

November 8, 2017
Random drawing from the back of a school paper

Portrait of Mom

November 4, 2017
If I'm not mistaken this is a picture Abby drew of me

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