More interested in dirt

December 4, 2012

She really didn't want to smile or look at me for the pictures.

Christmas Card Picture Attempt 2

December 4, 2012
She has started walking stooped over at times...not quite sure where she learned it, the little  goofball.

Playing in the Hamper

December 3, 2012
She not only completely unloaded her full hamper of dirty clothes, but also unzipped & emptied the duffel bag with too small clothes that was in her closet, and emptied a large shopping bag full of clothes as well....she loves to stay busy by emptying and moving things around. Love how she concentrates too - important work!


December 2, 2012
Abby's first time sleeping in bed with Lynn & me.  Needless to say she didn't sleep well, was up from 2:30-5:00 until Lynn finally got her to stay asleep when he put her down in bed with us.

Making Herself at Home

December 1, 2012
Getting settled in the hotel room.

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